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Understanding how alcohol gets on your breath

If you have been arrested and charged with drunk driving, you may feel as though contesting such charges would be futile given the evidence against you. After all, a roadside breath test indicating intoxication is fairly ironclad, right? Yet what if subsequent testing shows your blood-alcohol content to be below the legal limit? Could the initial measurement have been incorrect? This has prompted many in your same situation to come to us here at Beebe & O’Neil asking how a breath test can even give an accurate measurement of the alcohol content of your blood anyway.

What happens if someone brings a title claim against your house?

Whether you have lived in your current home for two years or 20 years, you have likely developed an emotional attachment to the property. As you have grown accustomed to living in the space and made it your own, it has become your home, not just another house. In addition to enjoying the space, you have made substantial investments in its purchase and ongoing maintenance.

Tips for removing Chapter 7 bankruptcy from your credit report

People in Connecticut who have filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy — or plan to — may worry about how to remove this record from their credit report. The first thing to note is that unless the record is an error, there may be no immediate way to dispute it and get rid of it.

Responding to criminal drug charges

Getting arrested for a drug crime in Connecticut may be frightening and confusing, especially since some of the state's laws about controlled substances are complicated. Sometimes, the severity of charges and penalties may vary depending on the type of drug, the amount you have or the location where your arrest occurred. At Beebe & O'Neil, we understand the detailed nature of the state's drug laws and have helped many clients react to criminal charges.

Do not forget to choose an IRA beneficiary

When it comes to estate planning, creating wills and avoiding probate as much as possible top the to-do lists in Connecticut. Even so, many people who try to DIY this may forget to add beneficiaries to some of their most important accounts. These may include high-yield savings accounts, investment accounts and IRA accounts.

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