5 keys to asking your spouse for a divorce

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Even if your marriage has been on the rocks for many years, you must still take extra care when asking your spouse for a divorce. The first conversation you have about your divorce has the potential to impact the process from start to finish.

Here are five keys to asking your spouse for a divorce:

  • Prepare yourself: Knowing what you want to say and how you’ll react to your spouse can help keep you on track. You can’t prepare for everything, but you can at least have a basic idea of the approach you want to take.
  • Choose the right time and place: Carefully consider when and where you’ll ask your spouse for a divorce. As such an important conversation, consider having it when there is nothing else to get in your way.
  • Don’t backtrack: If your spouse asks for another chance, you may be tempted to step back from asking for a divorce and comply. If you’ve already thought things through, don’t turn back now.
  • Protect yourself: There’s nothing more important than your safety, so do whatever it takes to protect yourself against a potentially violent spouse. If you’re concerned about your spouse becoming violent, ask for a divorce over the phone or in a public place. Don’t compromise your safety for anything or anyone.
  • Don’t discuss the details: Once you ask for divorce, it’s natural to want to discuss details such as child custody, child support, and property and debt division There is enough time to talk about these things when the divorce process begins. Getting into the details shortly after asking for a divorce is likely to cause more stress and tension, which can drag on for the entirety of the process.

There is no right or wrong way to ask your spouse for a divorce, but following these tips will streamline the conversation while keeping you on track.

Once you share your feelings with your spouse, turn your attention to the divorce process and the steps you can take to protect your legal rights. This approach will ensure that you don’t get pushed around during this challenging time of your life.


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