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Rebuilding your credit after Chapter 7 bankruptcy

When people in Connecticut find that they can no longer keep up with their financial obligations they may consider filing for bankruptcy. Even so, they may be reluctant to go through with it for some time. There are two main reasons for hesitance: losing assets and the hit to their credit score.

Have you talked with your family about medical preferences?

Modern medicine is truly amazing in the number of options it offers people with various injuries or illnesses. From the ability to help people extend their life when dealing with fatal, degenerative diseases to impressive levels of trauma care, modern medicine can save more lives than any previous medical system in human history.

Do a financial checkup after divorce

Sometimes a Connecticut divorce is so amicable that the two people make a conscious decision not to change their plans for their final affairs. This may occur when the relationship becomes more platonic than romantic. Other times, couples choose to divorce in the earlier stages of trouble, before it spirals out of control and resentment builds up. These couples are a minority.

New tax reform blamed for slump in luxury home sales

Connecticut and other New England states have a reputation for a higher cost of living. Much of this is tied to the cost of housing. Even so, there are affordable houses on the market, though they are now decreasing in supply compared to expensive homes.

Mail fraud law applies to private carriers

Mail fraud is one form of white collar crime that exists on the books. There are a number of ways mail fraud can take place, with Ponzi schemes being one of the best known forms known to the public. Some Connecticut residents may wonder through what medium mail fraud can actually take place. Are private carriers an exception? According to federal law, mail fraud can involve both the federal postal service and private operations.

When bankruptcy becomes the only way out

The cost and standard of living in Connecticut is higher than many other states. This can make it easier for people to slip into debt and even harder for them to climb out. The longer that debt remains unpaid, the more it feels as though the debtor may never recover or find a way out. So, what can people do when the debt becomes so much that they cannot afford to make even their minimum payments to keep up?

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