Reduce family stress by leaving a will behind

On Behalf of | Jun 12, 2019 | Wills And Probate

When families in Connecticut lose someone they love, they may also find their time of mourning interrupted by financial necessities regarding their loved one’s estate. Family members may also fight over items of monetary or sentimental value. To make matters worse, the family may have no idea how much the deceased left behind in assets and debts.

So, do people really need a will, especially if they do not have a lot of financial loose ends to tie up? According to CNN, the answer is yes; everyone should have a will. There may still be items that people value for more than their resale value that they may wish to hold on to. In addition to this, some people may be passed over by state inheritance laws and receive nothing. State laws generally overlook charities, friends, unmarried partners and caretakers.

A will is also important when someone has kids. While children are neither assets nor liabilities to be dispensed of, wills put plans in place for their care. Sometimes family members may fight over who should get the children, while sometimes no one wants the added responsibility. A will may help to prevent either of these situations from taking place. Disabled family members and other dependents may also benefit from naming a guardian via a will.

Forbes points out that complex family structures may also create problems best mediated by a will. For example, when families are blended, or someone has moved on to a second or third marriage and has children with multiple spouses, it creates a complicated scenario. A will may best help to simplify things, even if the spouses or children disagree with its provisions.

There is no way to completely eliminate the stress a family faces when they lose someone they love. However, leaving a will behind may help to ensure that the basic financial aspects are taken care of so they may grieve their loss without focusing on material concerns and family feuds.


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