Defense options after a shoplifting accusation

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It is surprisingly common for a person to be wrongfully accused of shoplifting. This is partly because the act of purchasing goods is such a frequent activity, and most of us engage in this several times per day.

This means that every so often, honest mistakes will be made. For example, perhaps a person is not paying attention and accidentally walks out of a store with an item that they did not purchase. This person will likely be accused of shoplifting, and they should take action to defend themselves.

If you have been accused of shoplifting in Connecticut, it is important that you understand that if you are charged, you may face severe implications that could alter your life dramatically. In addition, you should make sure that you take action early to establish your defense options and create a successful strategy.

Mental health is relevant to a defense

Petty theft committed by those who have the resources to purchase such items can seem illogical to many. This type of behavior can be exercised by those with mental health or psychiatric issues. The perpetrator of the petty theft may be experiencing a compulsion to act in this way. A psychological assessment may help in a shoplifting defense in this case.

A valid explanation of a defendant’s actions can be successful

Many people accidentally remove an item from a store because they are simply distracted. Perhaps they were under stress because they were taking care of young children, or maybe they were using their phone at the time. Simply explaining the lead up to the event can be enough in many cases.

Showing remorse and regret could help in a defense

In some situations, it may be worthwhile for a shoplifting defendant to simply admit what they have done and apologize to the business affected. They may also want to voluntarily reimburse the store for damages. Showing regret or remorse can be successful in demonstrating the defendant’s good character.

By spending time reflecting on the course of events, you may be able to explain your actions in a logical and understandable way. It is always best to take early action to form your legal defense.


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