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Divorce and pressures facing young married couples

For any married couple, a number of challenges may arise throughout the course of the marriage. Spousal affairs can be problematic for couples from all age groups, and the same is true for domestic violence, disagreement over finances and many other issues. For some couples, however, there may be an additional amount of pressure in the relationship. For example, young married couples may face a number of hurdles that are especially likely to occur. In this post, we will examine some of the pressures that these couples may experience.

How do the courts split up your assets in a Connecticut divorce?

Financial uncertainty is one of the most stressful components of divorce. There are so many unpredictable factors in the average divorce that you may feel totally confused and worried about what will happen. Between the costs of the divorce and the loss of some assets, there can be a staggering financial impact.

Bankruptcy is not as simple as you may think

When people in Connecticut overextend themselves financially, bankruptcy may often seem like the easy answer. While bankruptcy may very well be the only answer in some instances, there is a lot more to the process and aftereffect of filing than many people consider. So, before making the decision to file for bankruptcy, it is a good idea to prepare for the repercussions that come with the benefits.

Can you keep anything when you file for chapter 7 bankruptcy?

If you are drowning in debt in Connecticut and feel you have no other options, you may be considering filing for bankruptcy. In a chapter 7 bankruptcy, the trustee takes many of your assets and sells them to help pay down your debt. However, there are some exemptions about items you are able to keep. 

Why criminal jury selection matters

Criminal defense attorneys recognize that the people that make up a jury in Connecticut could be the factor that decides whether their clients are acquitted or convicted. This is why defense attorneys play a part in determining who is chosen to serve on a jury. As a crucial part of the American justice system, a jury should be fair and impartial while weighing the evidence and arguments presented. However, if one or more of the jurors hold biases against the person being tried, the eventual decision could result in an unfair conviction.

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