Can you still get a job despite being a convicted criminal?

On Behalf of | Feb 17, 2019 | Criminal Defense

Even though you were a convicted criminal at one point in Connecticut and have served time behind bars, you are coming to a close with your required jail time and are preparing to reenter society as a free person. However, you are concerned about how your criminal past may affect your ability to secure a stable job. Fortunately, with your dedication to maintaining your integrity and taking responsibility for your actions, you still have a definite chance of getting the outcome you hope for. 

Acquiring a job that allows you to support yourself is critical as you begin to integrate back into society. You will want to begin rebuilding your life and rebuilding your reputation as someone who has changed and has moved beyond your criminal behaviors of the past. A job is a fantastic way to allow you to begin forming new relationships and strengthening professional traits that can be useful in multiple facets of life. 

According to Chron, the people that you know can be valuable connections in helping you find a job once you are released from jail. Often, these people have known you for some time and can vouch for your strengths and competencies that may be unnoticed to someone who has just met you. Additionally, you can use your resume and any job interviews to focus on applicable training or skills that you have acquired throughout your life. If you are asked to discuss your conviction, it is wise to provide an honest answer, but you can also share how your experience has helped your personal development. 

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