DUI charges and employment matters

On Behalf of | Jan 18, 2019 | Drunk Driving Defense

Every day, people are charged with operating a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol. Most people realize that these charges can lead to harsh penalties, including fines and the loss of driving privileges. What some do not take into consideration, however, is that drunk driving charges can be very disruptive with respect to employment. From one’s current position to future jobs and the job search, being arrested for driving under the influence can be devastating.

For starters, you may experience challenges at your current place of work as a result of drunk driving charges you are facing. For example, you may have to miss work as a result of a prison sentence, community service obligations or court dates. Furthermore, you may encounter problems with your colleagues and your employer as a result of the situation. In some instances, this can be so severe that it results in job loss.

Aside from your current place of employment, you may have extreme difficulty while trying to find a job in the future. For example, you could struggle to land a job because you are competing with applicants who do not have a DUI on their record. Furthermore, there are a number of positions which require workers to drive and it may be impossible for you to find work in these fields. For example, driving a large truck, a job which requires you to deliver pizza or some other position involving the operation of a company vehicle may be virtually impossible to secure.


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