Fall hazards to alert your teen driver of

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With autumn approaching, many teenagers who got their Connecticut driver’s license during the summer will now put their skills to the test. Those who did not travel frequently or have a summer job now have to drive to school every week day and night for the next nine months.

While some parents feel relief no longer driving their kids to school before heading to work, many understandably show concern given that their children are still inexperienced and have a high chance of a car accident. Though Connecticut’s teen driving laws have significantly decreased teen motor vehicle fatalities within the last decade, it doesn’t change that many of these new drivers are at high risk in the fall months. As a parent, it is crucial for you to inform your child of these popular fall driving hazards they’ll start seeing in September.

School buses

Traffic significantly increases in the fall thanks to more students going back to school in cars and buses. Many Connecticut motorists often break school bus laws because of impatience or not knowing where and when to stop.

If your child drives through multiple neighborhoods to get to class, there is a high chance they will come across some buses. You need to inform that that Connecticut requires drivers on both sides need to stop for the bus for children to pass unless the bus is behind them or there is something other than yellow lines separating the lanes. If they pass the bus while driving the opposite direction, they could receive fines worth hundreds of dollars.

Rain and leaves

Wet hazards will appear no matter what month of autumn it is. September tends to have more rainfall while October has more leaves on the ground.

In both cases, you need to warn your teen to slow down and keep a safe distance on the road. Rain can make the roads more slippery and can make them lose their steering through hydroplaning while making it difficult to see what’s ahead. Leaves are not much better. They are also difficult to brake on and can obscure lane lines to throw of your kid’s positioning on the road. Slowing down can help them react to the difficult situations better.

While more obstacles are bound to come up in the later months in the fall, preparing your child for driving to school in September is crucial towards developing safe driving habits. It can make their transition towards Connecticut’s colder months easier and less likely to get in a major car accident that could instigate a lawsuit.


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