What are some of the causes of truck accidents?

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Driving a truck in Connecticut poses extra risk compared to driving a smaller vehicle. Large trucks are bigger and heavier, making it more difficult to stop quickly and causing more damage to others on the road. Understanding some of the causes of accidents involving accidents can help everyone drive more defensively and safer.

Recent statistics from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration show there were around 475,000 accidents involving large trucks in 2016.  Of these, a little over 20% resulted in injuries, and almost 1% were fatal. The majority of these crashes occurred:

  • On rural roads and interstates
  • On weekdays
  • Between the hours of 6 pm and 6 am

What are the main causes of large truck crashes? FindLaw discusses that both truck drivers and passenger vehicle drivers are to blame, depending on the situation. In regard to truck drivers, the skills involved with driving these large vehicles require drivers to take special training and obtain a commercial trucking license. Even so, the training can sometimes be inadequate in certain driving conditions. Truck drivers are often on strict schedules and drive too fast in order to meet deadlines, and this excessive speed can lead to dangerous situations. The long hours also contribute to extreme fatigue, which leads to accidents.

Car drivers are also the cause of accidents because they do not always know how to drive around large vehicles. Common unsafe practices include:

  • Driving in between two trucks
  • Driving in a truck’s blind spot, which is a larger area than for cars
  • Passing a truck unsafely
  • Improper merging or lane changes




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