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When am I sober enough to drive?

Connecticut summers offer plenty of opportunities for friends and family to get together and celebrate. Barbecues, days on the beach and outdoor parties may all include alcoholic beverages. After drinking for several hours, you may be ready to head home, but should you drive?

When are teens most likely to pass away in an auto crash?

For teen drivers, the roads can be dangerous at any time of day (or night, for that matter). With that said, it is helpful for young people who drive and their parents to be aware of times when an accident may be more likely. For example, driving in treacherous weather such as heavy rainfall or snow can increase the chances of a crash. Moreover, going over statistics on teenagers and the time they were involved in a crash may also provide a better understanding of the dangers young people face on the road.

Driver’s ed and the risk of a traffic accident

There are many different factors that can lead to a collision on the road, such as the use of mind-altering substances, poor weather conditions (fog, snow, ice, etc.) or driver fatigue. However, young people may be especially likely to find themselves in a motor vehicle collision because they do not have very much experience with driving or familiarity with roadways. Moreover, driving can be especially dangerous for those who are in driver’s ed and getting behind the wheel with very little experience. Whether you are a parent, a teen who is beginning to drive or you were struck by someone who was learning to drive, it is important to carefully consider your options if a motor vehicle collision occurred.

Risks associated with driving in the early morning hours

Motor vehicle wrecks occur at all times of day, but the likelihood of a crash may be even higher at certain times. For example, driving during the early morning hours can be dangerous for a number of reasons. Not only are there are number of drivers who are very tired during this time frame, but visibility may be decreased and there are other areas of concern also. Our law office knows how devastating auto accidents can be and we want to remind drivers of some of the threats they may face on the road.

Looking into accidental drunk driving

There are many different issues to take into consideration when it comes to drunk driving. For example, there are certain times of year, such as holidays, when drunk driving may be more prevalent. In fact, even certain times of day and days of the week can bring an increase in the number of drunk drivers on the road. Additionally, it is important to review underage drunk driving and the effectiveness of awareness programs. In fact, some people may drive drunk on accident and we will take a closer look at this issue in this post.

Does working night shifts increase the risk of a crash?

From intoxication to the use of a cell phone, there are many different situations in which a motor vehicle crash may be more likely. However, a lot of drivers may not realize that the likelihood of a crash can be increased by many other factors, such as the time and duration of one’s shift at work. If you regularly work night shifts or only work during the night occasionally, it is crucial to be vigilant when you drive to work or return home and understand the potential risks associated with working certain shifts.

How many drunk motorcyclists pass away in single-vehicle wrecks?

Motorcycle accidents have a variety of causes, whether someone is struck by a distracted or drowsy driver while they are riding their motorcycle or someone is hit by a truck driver who lost control because of poor road conditions. Unfortunately, some motorcycle crashes are caused by motorcyclists’ poor decisions, placing their lives at risk and the lives of other people on the road also. For example, some people choose to operate their motorcycle after consuming alcohol, a problem that may have been more widespread over the recent Memorial Day weekend.

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