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The dangers of driving a vehicle that needs to be repaired

Motor vehicle accidents have a myriad of causes, whether they are the result of a driver’s mistake or negligence (speeding, drinking and driving, and so on) or are caused by the environment (snow or ice on the road, etc.). However, vehicle-related problems also account for many of the traffic accidents that occur. For example, something may go wrong with a vehicle’s tires, brakes, or another crucial part of the vehicle, which can cause a crash. When a driver loses control of the vehicle due to one of these problems, they pose a threat to themselves and everyone else on the road.

Pedestrian accidents and outdoor maintenance

There are many ways in which pedestrians are struck by vehicles, whether someone is trying to walk to work in the morning or they are hit by a truck while trying to cross the road. Sometimes, people are even hurt while walking on their own property or in front of their house. In the spring months, many people spend time in their yard due to outdoor maintenance, which may include lawn care, gardening, trimming trees, and other tasks. Unfortunately, these activities can be dangerous, especially if they are working near the road and there is a lot of traffic in front of the house.

Social media, before and after a car accident

There is a plethora of issues to consider with respect to motor vehicle collisions and many have been covered on this blog. From intoxicated driving to distractions that interfere with a person’s ability to drive safe, collisions take place for countless reasons. It is important to keep in mind that in the digital age, social media is intertwined with traffic accidents in different ways. On the one hand, social media can actually cause a traffic accident, while the way in which a person uses social media following a collision could have an impact on their case if they decide to go to court.

What can be done to decrease distracted driving?

Distracted driving has been a major cause of car accidents in Connecticut and across the country, and it does not seem to be getting better. To help decrease the number of these crashes, individuals, law enforcement and government agencies are taking steps to increase awareness and pass laws to make the roads safer for all drivers.

How do I pursue a medical malpractice claim?

Patients in Connecticut who have been injured by a medical procedure may feel like it was a result of negligence by the health care team. Before filing a claim, the patient should first determine if it is really a medical malpractice issue or not. If so, there are certain steps that should be followed in order to get the best outcome.

Why is a trucking log important?

The trucking industry in Connecticut and throughout the country is very important to the economy. Because of this, some truckers are expected to drive long hours. This, combined with the fact trucks take a longer time to stop and are large, heavy vehicles, can pose a hazard to other drivers on the roads. To help manage the hours truckers drive and keep things safe, federal requirements state truckers need to keep a log book to track their hours.

How can you prevent accidents with large trucks?

As summer approaches, there will be more drivers out on the road in Connecticut. Automobile drivers will be sharing the road with a variety of large trucks, and this can lead to more accidents on the road. Crashes involving trucks are typically more devastating because of their size, and car occupants often suffer serious injuries and even death. To help prevent these collisions, there are things both truck and car drivers can do to stay safe.

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