Does Connecticut dog bite law only apply to dogs?

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Connecticut is fairly well known for dog bite laws that place strict expectations on dog owners to control their animals or face severe penalties. But what if you are attacked by an animal other than a dog? Is the animal’s owner equally liable if you are assaulted by a cat? Attacked by a rabbit? Accosted by a vocal and particularly vicious parrot? What happens as far as liability if you are attacked by a pet or livestock other than a dog? When it comes to the animals themselves, Connecticut’s protocol for quarantine and euthanasia treats other animals exactly the same as it treats dogs. The animal is seized by animal control and placed in quarantine, and animals determined to be potentially rabid are often put down. You are also exonerated if you kill the animal in self-defense and can prove it bit you before its death, resulting in defensive retaliation. If the animal is quarantined or disposed of, however, the owner is held liable for all associated costs the same as with dogs.

If you require medical attention, the owner of the animal may also be held liable for medical costs if you pursue a claim either through your insurance company or through litigation. Connecticut holds pet owners responsible for the behavior of their animals, and any damages caused by that behavior. Even if you were bitten or otherwise assaulted by an overly enthusiastic gecko, you have the right to be compensated for personal injury against you.

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