Motorcycle safety tips

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Riders of motorcycles in Connecticut can attest to the fact they are fuel efficient and fun to ride. However, motorcycles are involved in more serious accidents than other motor vehicles, so riders should be aware of how to be safer on the road.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, motorcycle accidents result in death 27 times more than accidents involving cars and other motor vehicles. NHTSA reports that all drivers need to cooperate and share the road in a safe manner, but there are specific things that motorcyclists can do to reduce the amount and severity of accidents.

Consumer Reports says staying away from alcohol and drugs and riding under the legal speed limit can dramatically cut down on the number of accidents. Wearing a helmet, bright-colored leather, over-the-ankle boots, and protective eyewear is extremely important. Other safety tips include:

  • Ride defensively, such as stay a safe distance behind other vehicles and be extra alert
  • Buy a properly-fit bike with the appropriate amount of power for your needs
  • Take a safety course to hone your skills
  • Purchase anti-lock brakes to help stop in slippery conditions and remain in control during emergency stops 
  • Do not ride in inclement weather such as rain, snow or high-wind conditions
  • Inspect the bike before each ride to ensure everything is in proper working condition
  • Be aware of road hazards, such as rocks, potholes, railroad tracks and wet leaves, and approach them with extreme care

Following these safety procedures will help you continue riding into old age without injury.




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