The link between music and car wrecks

On Behalf of | Dec 15, 2017 | Car Accidents

We have been over many car accident causes that people frequently reference, from drunk driving to fatigue. However, there are less frequently mentioned causes that can be dangerous as well, such as music. Our law office knows that music can lead to a motor vehicle collision in various ways and we hope to remind drivers of how crucial it is to be safe when behind the wheel. Unfortunately, some drivers are simply careless and will increase the chances of a collision without regard for lives, including their own.

How can music cause an accident, anyway? There are a variety of ways that listening to music can play a role in an accident. For example, a driver may end up speeding while they are listening to a song with a very fast beat. Or, perhaps a driver will become distracted when the music is too loud, or be unable to hear another vehicle or a warning from someone else. Furthermore, a driver could be distracted when they are trying to turn the volume up or change the song or radio station they are listening to.

While music can certainly make a crash more likely, drivers do not necessarily have to stop listening to music altogether. As with other aspects of safe driving, being responsible and mindful of potential dangers is key.

If a reckless driver has shattered your life, their actions should be addressed. Our car accidents page is a resource that provides more insight on the consequences of a traffic collision.


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