What are some weather hazards to watch out for in the fall?

On Behalf of | Sep 15, 2017 | Car Accidents

On the road, all sorts of risks may lead to a motor vehicle collision. From driving under the influence to distractions such as cell phones, this blog has covered many of the different threats that can claim lives and result in debilitating injuries. During the winter, many people realize the serious dangers associated with snow and ice on roads across Connecticut. However, there are a number of weather-related hazards that you should be mindful of even before snow starts to fall, such as wind, fog, and rain.

The Federal Highway Administration reports that rainfall is especially dangerous. In fact, most of the weather-related traffic crashes that took place during a ten-year period which was studied occurred during rainy weather and on wet roads. Aside from losing traction, some drivers may have difficulty seeing the road due to heavy rainfall. On top of rain, there are other weather risks that can be particularly problematic during the fall, such as wind. Not only do strong winds sometimes blow debris onto roadways across the state, such as fallen tree limbs and downed power lines, but wind can also interfere with a driver’s ability to see through their windshield clearly. Moreover, fog can also affect visibility.

When it is very windy or raining heavily, drivers should be particularly cautious behind the wheel. Unfortunately, some drivers neglect to make road safety a top priority while driving. When victims of a motor vehicle accident struggle with various hardships, they should immediately examine any available options which could help them move forward.


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