What are the costs associated with deadly car crashes?

On Behalf of | Aug 4, 2017 | Car Accidents

Many people recognize the emotional pain and other challenges that arise when someone passes away in a car accident. However, it is vital to realize that these fatalities can create other problems as well. Sadly, reckless drivers will keep putting innocent lives at risk because they choose to drive while excessively tired, distracted, or intoxicated. For all drivers, it is essential to understand that these wrecks also generate significant costs. Sadly, some of the consequences of a crash, such as losing a family member or friend, are incredibly painful and impossible to put a price tag on.

According to material published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, auto accident fatalities lead to $44 billion worth of lost productivity and medical costs across the U.S. Among those between the ages of 1 and 54, traffic accidents are among the top 10 causes of death. Furthermore, more than 30,000 Americans lose their lives in these crashes on an annual basis.

The financial effects of these accidents are felt across the country by families, government organizations, and employers. For a hard-working car accident victim, a crash may lead to lost wages or leave loved ones without income they depended on in the event of a fatal crash. In fact, one fatal crash can permanently alter the course of multiple lives. For many of the families of those who pass away in a motor vehicle collision, knowing that the wreck which claimed their loved one’s life was preventable can make the entire situation even more upsetting. 


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