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Multiple vehicles involved in Connecticut crash

Sometimes, traffic wrecks involve a series of vehicles, while others may only involve a single driver. Either way, the consequences can be devastating and may lead to either death or serious injuries. When multi-vehicle crashes happen, the ramifications can leave victims with many different types of problems, from physical pain to medical costs. In Connecticut, these wrecks have turned the lives of many victims upside down and it is crucial for those who drive recklessly to be held accountable.

Recovering from an animal bite

If you are struggling because of a recent animal bite, your life may be hard for different reasons. For example, you may be dealing with physical pain or a deep wound that the attack brought on. At Beebe & O'Neil, we also know that animal bite victims may face other difficulties, such as emotional trauma and even financial problems. As a result, those who are responsible for an attack in New London that never should have happened must answer for their negligence.

How many car crashes are blamed on weather?

When it comes to motor vehicle crashes, there are many different factors that can cause an accident. For example, a wreck may happen because of someone’s poor decision to drive after drinking alcohol or while under the influence of drugs. Or, a collision may occur because of speeding, drowsy driving, or any other number of factors. Sometimes, accidents are the result of factors out of a driver’s control, such as poor weather. It is important to be aware of the dangers associated with inclement weather and understand how common these wrecks are.

What are the costs associated with deadly car crashes?

Many people recognize the emotional pain and other challenges that arise when someone passes away in a car accident. However, it is vital to realize that these fatalities can create other problems as well. Sadly, reckless drivers will keep putting innocent lives at risk because they choose to drive while excessively tired, distracted, or intoxicated. For all drivers, it is essential to understand that these wrecks also generate significant costs. Sadly, some of the consequences of a crash, such as losing a family member or friend, are incredibly painful and impossible to put a price tag on.

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