Traffic accidents and July Fourth celebrations

On Behalf of | Jul 7, 2017 | Car Accidents

Although motor vehicle accidents can take place during any time of year, there are certain occasions where the likelihood of a crash may be even greater. In Connecticut, many people come out to celebrate the Fourth of July. Unfortunately, some of them will cause or find themselves involved in an auto accident. At Beebe & O’Neil, we have seen firsthand how devastating traffic accidents can be for people who live all over the state.

Independence Day celebrations can increase the chances of a crash for numerous reasons. Aside from distractions that may be the result of firework displays or air shows, roads are often busier and more people are out at night. Furthermore, some people get behind the wheel after drinking alcohol with friends and relatives.

Regardless of the reasons behind a car crash, the accident can have devastating ramifications for victims and their loved ones. Not only are festivities often ruined, but victims may face a lengthy road to recovery. For example, they may be unable to walk, left with hefty medical expenses, or have a considerable amount of mental trauma. Worse, some of these wrecks result in deaths that were entirely preventable.

Those who have had their lives destroyed by negligent drivers should go over their options right away. Depending on the details of what happened, a number of resources may be on the table and available to help them restore some sense of normalcy. If you review the part of our website which is centered on car accidents, you can read more material on the topic of road collisions.


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