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Is distracted driving more prevalent in certain age groups?

On this blog, we have gone over many of the concerns related to distracted driving, from the consequences of a motor vehicle accident to reasons why drivers become distracted. However, it may also be beneficial to assess distracted driving statistics on various age groups. For example, if you are a parent and are worried about your teenager riding in a vehicle with other teens, if you are a young driver, or if you were struck by a driver who you think was distracted, this information may be useful.

How can employers prevent work vehicle accidents?

From ladder falls to accidents which involve machinery, people are hurt at work in many different ways. In New London, and in other parts of Connecticut, some employees are injured in a job-related accident that occurs while they are driving. Unfortunately, these accidents often lead to serious injuries and, in some cases, the loss of life. Because of the serious consequences associated with a crash, prevention is essential.

How many fatal car crashes are the result of speeding?

All sorts of dangerous behaviors can cause a fatal crash, such as the consumption of alcohol or getting behind the wheel while overly fatigued. However, speeding is especially problematic and continues to pose a threat to the lives of vehicle occupants in New London, and in all other cities around the state of Connecticut. Not only should you realize how many fatal wrecks happen because of speeding drivers, but you should not have any hesitation when it comes to holding negligent drivers accountable if your loved one was lost in a collision.

Moving forward after a TBI due to medical malpractice

Suffering a brain injury can be incredibly difficult for an array of reasons. Not only do TBI victims sometimes encounter stress, painful headaches, and upsetting changes to their mood or personality, but they may be even more bothered to know that the injury never should have happened. At Beebe & O'Neil, , we know that some patients suffer brain injuries in Connecticut due to medical malpractice and we believe that they deserve a voice.

Are fatal crashes more common at night?

With regard to motor vehicle accidents, various issues have been analyzed on this blog. From the consumption of alcohol to reckless speeding and simply failing to pay attention, many dangerous behaviors can cause car accidents. When thinking about fatal auto accidents, it is important to realize other potential risks and factors that may be overlooked by some people, such as the time of day.

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