How many truck crashes are caused by drugs and alcohol?

On Behalf of | Apr 29, 2017 | Truck Accidents

On this blog, many of the factors that lead to large truck accidents have been discussed, from fatigue and speeding to poor road conditions and blind spots, among other causes. However, intoxication due to alcohol or drug use is especially concerning and may lead to a fatal accident in New London that never should have happened. For trucking companies, truck drivers and all others on Connecticut roads, it is helpful to know how common these types of accidents are.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration published information on large truck crash causation that draws attention to the dangers associated with drinking, illegal drug use and even legal drug use. In fact, a study which assessed 141,000 large truck accidents found that drunk truck drivers were responsible for an estimated 1,000 accidents, while drivers’ use of unlawful drugs caused an estimated 3,000 wrecks. However, the use of drugs that are sold over-the-counter by truck drivers played an even large role in these collisions. It is estimated that among these accidents reviewed in the study, 17 percent (25,000) happened because of truck drivers taking over-the-counter drugs.

Often, truck drivers and those who operate all other types of vehicles realize how dangerous illegal substances are and how they can interfere with someone’s driving ability. That said, it is essential for everyone to understand how legal drugs that are sold over-the-counter can also impair drivers and play a role in motor vehicle accidents. Sadly, these crashes often cause serious injuries and result in lost lives at an alarming rate.


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