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Connecticut woman facing drunk driving charges

Every day, those who choose to drive while intoxicated by alcohol or drugs put lives at risk. Regrettably, some of these people cause a traffic accident that leads to lifelong injuries, while others are involved in fatal drunk driving accidents. In New London, and cities around Connecticut, drunk drivers continue to make poor decisions, even when they are well aware of the potential consequences associated with driving under the influence.

When are large truck accidents most likely to occur?

Whether you drive a car, motorcycle or semi, large truck accidents have the potential to shatter your life. On roads in New London, and everywhere else in Connecticut, these crashes may leave victims with lifelong injuries or even claim their lives. The drivers of all types of vehicles should understand the risks and do what they can to prevent a truck accident. For example, large truck crashes are more likely to happen during certain times of the year.

Authorities investigating large truck accident

Whenever a truck accident occurs, the consequences can be devastating. Not only do people often lose their lives or suffer serious injuries in these wrecks, but a multitude of other problems may arise. In New London, Connecticut, and on roads across the country, accidents involving a large truck can result in lost wages, financial issues due to medical costs and even lifelong mental trauma, to name a few. Sadly, large truck accidents frequently have upsetting outcomes for a number of reasons, such as trucker fatigue and the size of trucks. Due to these risks, it is very important for truck drivers and everyone else on the road to do everything in their ability to prevent a crash.

What are the penalties for dog bites in Connecticut?

If you have been attacked by a dog, you may be suffering from all sorts of complications, from physical pain and a serious injury to financial troubles brought on by medical costs or lost wages. While experiencing these hardships, you should do everything you can to recover and have those responsible for your suffering held accountable. In New London, and all other parts of Connecticut, dog owners who fail to properly take care of the animals they own can face harsh penalties.

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