Car crashes and brain injuries

On Behalf of | Jan 6, 2017 | Car Accidents

For victims of motor vehicle accidents, there are a myriad of injuries that can make daily life very challenging, such as broken bones. Having said that, brain injuries are another serious setback that some auto accident victims face in New London, and cities throughout Connecticut. At Beebe and O’Neil, we are very familiar with the multitude of ways that having an injured brain can affect car accident victims.

When it comes to some injuries, like a broken leg, the injury may be immediately recognizable. However, brain injuries can be more difficult to identify and may not become evident until years later. Furthermore, a brain injury can affect memory, cause headaches and lead to other setbacks that can affect your everyday life. If you were hit by a negligent driver and hit your head, it is crucial to find out if you sustained a brain injury immediately. Tragically, some head injuries result in the loss of life, which leaves victims’ families with sadness that they may never be able to truly recover from.

As if all of these hardships are not challenging enough, brain injuries sustained in a car crash can cause an array of financial difficulties as well. For example, victims may be unable to work or sustain brain damage that causes them to miss their full potential in certain areas. Moreover, medical costs and expenses brought on by rehabilitating can also be demanding.

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