Understanding the consequences of a DUI crash

On Behalf of | Dec 17, 2016 | Drunk Driving Accidents

Like all motor vehicle accidents, drunk driving wrecks can result in serious injuries and may also lead to the loss of life. At Beebe and O’Neil, we understand that these accidents may carry other repercussions when they occur in New London, or another part of Connecticut. When on the road, it is important for you to understand the consequences of a DUI collision and take every preventative measure to avoid an accident.

For those who are unable to survive a DUI wreck, the loved ones they leave behind may never recover from the devastation. If you lost someone who was close to you, you may have a hard time with funeral costs and adjusting to life without a family member that you counted on.

Even if you survive a DUI accident, you may face a long path forward. In addition to physical pain and medical expenses, you may not be able to perform your job responsibilities. In these situations, you may suffer economic hardships that make life even more challenging.

In fact, drunk driving accidents can also cause problems for those who get behind the wheel while intoxicated. For example, they may lose their ability to drive or be sentenced to prison. Although drunk driving can cause pain and hardships for people on both sides of an accident, many drivers continue to place lives at risk by getting in their car after having one too many.

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