Freezing rain may have played a role in truck crash

On Behalf of | Dec 9, 2016 | Truck Accidents

Whether a semi truck driver takes to the road after drinking alcohol or while deprived of sleep, truck accidents have many causes. However, these accidents may occur for various other reasons in New London, Connecticut. With the onset of winter weather, roads can become treacherous and the risk of semi truck accidents may increase when it is snowing or roads are icy. Worse yet, it can be harder for truck drivers to slow down, especially when road conditions are poor.

Law enforcement officials said that the driver of a tractor-trailer was recently hurt in an accident that took place in Danbury on I-84. Authorities say the driver, who is from Massachusetts, collided with a barrier before his truck rolled over and slid over the road. Data reveals that inclement weather may have played a role in the wreck, which happened around 4:40 a.m.

According to historical weather data, mist and light rain was present and there was an air temperature of 33 degrees during the accident. Following the wreck, authorities had to shut down the road for over six hours while the site was cleaned up, causing significant delays.

The consequences of a large truck crash vary from one incident to another. Sometimes, those involved are able to walk away unscathed. Tragically, these crashes also result in the loss of life and leave victims’ families with unimaginable emotional pain. Even when truck accident victims survive, debilitating injuries may cause a long path to recovery. However, some truck accident victims have been able to move forward after seeking information from an attorney.

Source: Connecticut Post, “Tractor-trailer accident causes big delays on I-84,” Dirk Perrefort and Jim Shay, Dec. 7, 2016


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