A closer look at negligent truck maintenance

On Behalf of | Nov 5, 2016 | Truck Accidents

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, large truck crashes claimed more than 3,900 lives during 2014. Sadly, some of these fatal accidents were likely preventable. In New London, and cities throughout Connecticut, truck wrecks take place for many reasons, including speeding, drunk or drugged drivers and trucker fatigue. However, negligent truck maintenance is another factor that plays a role in many large truck collisions.

Information published by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration reveals the prevalence of negligent truck maintenance. After examining more than 400 large truck crashes, examiners found that over one out of every three trucks had a maintenance defect that would have met the out-of-service criteria and taken them off the road prior to the accidents. Tragically, many fatalities and injuries were avoidable and happened because of inadequate truck maintenance.

When it comes to negligent semi maintenance, there are a wide variety of violations that occur. For example, large trucks may have problems with signals or lights, suspension or brake issues and complications related to hoses and air pressure. Furthermore, brake issues account for a large number of large truck collisions.

There are many reasons why truck companies and drivers fail to ensure that large trucks are maintained properly, from cutting costs to saving time. That said, it is imperative for all large trucks to have routine maintenance and inspections performed. When a large truck crash upends the lives of accident victims and their families because of inadequate maintenance, it is absolutely necessary for them to stand up for their rights.


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