Connecticut man injured after being hit by drunk driver

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Each day, drivers’ lives are upended by the poor decisions of other people on the road. From speeding to using a cell phone while behind the wheel, there are many examples of recklessness that continue to result in tragic wrecks. However, intoxicated drivers and those who operate a vehicle while drunk are especially dangerous in New London, and roads throughout Connecticut. Even though a considerable amount of attention has been given to driving under the influence in recent years, drivers continue to disregard laws and put lives at risk.

A Connecticut man reportedly suffered multiple injuries after he was struck by a drunk driver, including lost teeth and fractured spinal discs. Law enforcement officials say that the drunk driver’s blood alcohol content level, which was taken at a hospital, was 0.33. The driver accused of DUI posted bond and has an upcoming appearance in court.

Authorities say the 41-year-old drunk driver was traveling eastbound on Mountain Road in Bristol when he veered into oncoming traffic and collided with another vehicle. The accident, which took place at about 6 p.m., left the alleged drunk driver with a deep cut on his arm.

Following a DUI crash, victims may be unsure of how to handle their situation. For some, taking legal action and holding the driver accountable may seem difficult, especially if they are struggling with serious injuries, physical pain and mental trauma, among other setbacks. However, drunk drivers cannot be let off the hook and some drunk driving accident victims may benefit from speaking with a legal professional.

Source: The Bristol Press, “Bristol man charged in alleged drunk driving accident,” Justin Muszynski, Sept. 2, 2016


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