What causes truck driver fatigue?

On Behalf of | Aug 20, 2016 | Truck Accidents

From negligent truck maintenance to speeding and driving while intoxicated, truck crashes happen for many reasons. However, fatigue is another serious issue for truck drivers and everyone else who drives in New London, and roads throughout Connecticut. If you are hit by a truck driver who is fatigued, you may lose your life or be severely injured and raising awareness about truck driver fatigue is essential.

On their site, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration outlined some of the major causes of truck driver fatigue. Sadly, these risk factors continue to play a role in large truck accidents, many of which result in serious injuries and even fatalities. For starters, truck drivers who fail to get a sufficient amount of sleep increase the likelihood of an accident and suffering from fatigue. However, there are other risk factors that are less obvious. For example, if a truck driver takes a medication that makes them drowsy, such as an allergy medicine, or if a driver skips meals or eats at unusual times, they may become fatigued.

Truck drivers should not count on caffeine and other strategies to stay alert while behind the wheel. However, taking brief naps may help. If you drive a truck, you should be vigilant and watch out for any signs of fatigue. If you think you may have hit by a fatigued truck driver, it is vital to hold them responsible and consider your options. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to determine whether or not fatigue played a role in a large truck wreck.


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