What are some risks of texting while driving?

On Behalf of | Apr 8, 2016 | Car Accidents

When you hit the road in Connecticut, you are sharing your space with many other types of drivers. Unfortunately, some of them may prioritize their text messages over focusing on the road, which can put the people around them at risk.

First of all, a driver doesn’t have to be going fast to be a risk. Sometimes, they might feel tempted to text their phone when they’re just waiting to move in a traffic jam. However, stop-and-go traffic can still be dangerous and can lead to rear-end collisions because they are lulled into a sense of security, feeling as though they have more time to look away from the road than they actually do.

When traveling at a higher speed, drivers who are texting risk hitting other cars head-on or crashing into cars in other lanes. This is due to the fact that texting can take their attention away from the road in front of them twice every time a text comes in: once to read the message, and once to type and send a reply. According to Distraction.gov, in the time it takes them to answer one text, a driver could have driven as much distance as a football field without looking up. If someone suddenly stops in front of them, they likely won’t be able to react in time.

Finally, drivers often miss oncoming dangers or warning signs that they would have otherwise noticed if their focus had been where it should be. They may get in the way of an ambulance, end up being hit by another car, or could even hit pedestrians if they don’t look back up in time.

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