What injuries can faulty airbags cause?

On Behalf of | Mar 18, 2016 | Car Accidents

In order to avoid harm on the roads of Connecticut, drivers like you are encouraged to follow all safety precautions. This includes buckling your seatbelt, or having a car with a working airbag. So what can happen to you if your car’s airbag is faulty or defective?

An airbag is supposed to deploy in the event of an impact in order to cushion your body from hitting the steering wheel, dashboard or other parts of the car. However, sometimes airbags may explode when being deployed or after they are hit. This can cause many injuries including:

  •          Bruising
  •          Broken facial or chest bones
  •          Lacerations
  •          Blunt force trauma

Most of these injuries require hospital care, and some can be very long-lasting. In some cases, you may even require facial reconstructive surgery if enough bones have been broken in the impact.

Additionally, depending on the area of the hit, these injuries can be life-threatening or even fatal. The New York Times did a recent article on the Takata airbag recalls, in which a case was highlighted where the victim was originally thought to have been stabbed in the neck. The injury was in fact from her airbag exploding, which sent shrapnel flying into her after its deployment. The woman eventually died from her injuries.

Not all airbag related injuries result in death. However, because of the speed and force behind an accident, they can still be very dangerous. You should always keep on top of airbag recalls or warnings because of this, in order to prevent yourself from falling victim.


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