What expenses can you face after an accident?

On Behalf of | Mar 10, 2016 | Car Accidents

If a Connecticut driver such as yourself gets into an accident, you may face some expenses during the aftermath that you aren’t prepared for, or that you may not be equipped to handle.

The Cheat Sheet provides a list of expenses that can occur even after a minor accident. The list includes car rental fees, increased insurance premiums, and having to pay off your car loan. However, there are two main sources of expenses post-accident. They are property damage, and bodily injury.

Property damage expenses usually come in the form of having to replace broken car parts. In some cases, if the accident was bad enough, your car may be totaled, leaving you with the expense of purchasing a new one. Car parts can also be very expensive to replace or repair, as can the cost of taking the vehicle to a mechanic.

Bodily injuries cover the other major point of expense. Any damage that your physical body receives during the accident and the care you might require afterwards fall into this category. This includes:

  •          Emergency room visits
  •          Hospital stays
  •          Medication
  •          Surgery
  •          Physical therapy

Any of the above items can be expensive, and there are other less obvious fees to consider as well, such as co-pays. Additionally, it may take you a while to recover. This can result in multiple doctor visits, longer medication regiments, and extensive therapy, which can further increase your bills. You may also suffer from psychological and mental effects, requiring the need for mental health care.

However, even a small accident can end up costing a lot. If you get into a crash that results in property damage or bodily harm, you should be aware of the fact that you may end up looking at a bigger tab than you first thought.


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