What locations fall under dram shop liability?

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Connecticut establishments that sell alcohol may sometimes overserve their customers, who then get behind the wheel of their car, which then results in you being injured in a drunk driving accident. Here at Beebe and O’Neil, we aim to clear up which locations can be held responsible for your injuries.

Dram shop liability can be applied to any situation where you end up in an accident with a drunk driver because the driver was given too much alcohol. This includes establishments that serve drinks, or individuals who have liquor at their events, parties or other gatherings. Under this liability, the one who served the alcohol holds a share of the responsibility for any accidents that their patrons might get into, and any injuries that you might suffer because of them.

Public locations that can be included under dram shop liability are:

  •          Restaurants
  •          Hotel or sports bars
  •          Sporting venues

Additionally, individual bartenders who have overserved a customer may be held responsible even if they are not directly affiliated with a drinking establishment. It is possible for dram shop liability to be applied to private locations as well, even if the server is not a licensed bartender. For example, party hosts who serve alcohol at their gathering can be liable for your injuries if one of their guests drives home without sobering up first, and hits you or your vehicle.

If you would like to read more about dram shop liability and the locations and people this liability applies to, please visit our website for further information.


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