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Steps to take after noticing neglect in a nursing home

| Feb 11, 2016 | Medical Malpractice

When someone leaves their loved ones in the care of a facility, they expect the best. It can be heartbreaking to discover that this might not be the case. If someone suspects that their loved one is suffering from negligence in a nursing home, what steps should they take next?

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has stated that someone who notices the signs of neglect should send a detailed report into the manager of the facility in question. This is simply to keep everyone in the loop, especially since it is required for all nursing homes to file reports of neglect or abuse allegations. Additionally, it will give the manager a chance to put the employee(s) in question on a probation period until the allegations can be properly investigated.

Adult Protective Services should also be contacted immediately, according to the Administration for Community Living. They will be able to properly handle suspicions of neglect by ordering investigations and monitoring the facility during the investigative period to ensure that more issues do not arise. There is also the option of contacting law enforcement, but that should be reserved for cases where the patient is in the direct thread of immediate and severe danger.

It is also important to file follow up reports and keep an eye on the situation even after the proper notifications have been made. The APS may require further information to investigate cases more deeply, so it is always best to have as many facts and proofs on hand as possible.



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