What are the penalties for a dog bite in Connecticut?

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Someone who is the victim of a dog bite may have physical and emotional recovery to do. But what happens to the dog and the dog’s owner? Connecticut law has several provisions in place that provide legal recourse.

According to state law, any dog that has bitten someone outside the owner’s property will be placed in quarantine, for which the pet’s owner will have to pay all associated costs. The animal can be housed in a veterinary hospital, a public pound or any other place approved by the commissioner of the Department of Agriculture. The dog will remain in quarantine for 14 days while it undergoes testing for rabies. During that time, professionals will have the chance to evaluate the animal’s demeanor.

Depending on the outcome of the evaluation, either the DOA or an animal control officer can issue an order that the dog either be restrained or disposed of. If an owner does not comply with the order, the following may take place: 

  •        The dog may be seized.
  •        The owner could be placed in jail for up to 30 days.
  •        The owner may be fined as much as $250.

Connecticut law also states that the owner of the animal is liable for any ensuing damages. There is an exception when the victim of the bite has been found to be abusing or mistreating the animal in some way, or if the person had been trespassing at the time of the attack.

If you have been bitten, you should be aware of your options for recovering compensation. While this information may be useful, it should not be taken as legal advice.


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