Chain-reaction crash in Meriden leaves four injured

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As most people are aware, leaving the scene of an accident may have serious legal ramifications. However, not moving vehicles away from traffic, if possible, following collisions may result in additional accidents. As a result, those involved in the initial crash, and others, could suffer serious injuries or death.

According to reports, a 37-year-old woman was injured in a chain-reaction collision that occurred in Meriden recently. Three other people, including an infant, were also injured in the car accident. A 34-year-old woman was reportedly taken to the hospital to be evaluated. The infant and a 39-year-old man reportedly suffered serious injuries. They were both purportedly air lifted to another facility after being taken to an area hospital. The specific types of injuries they suffered, as well as the extent of those injuries and their updated conditions remain unknown to the public at this time.

It was reported that the chain-reaction accident occurred following a minor collision involving the 37-year-old woman’s vehicle and another automobile. A fourth vehicle struck the car that the other three victims were in after it had pulled over due to the first crash. News sources did not indicate if the vehicles that were involved in the subsequent wreck were forced into those from the first accident.

When people are seriously injured in car accidents, they often require medical treatment. This can translate into undue medical expenses, as well as lost wages. Working with an attorney may help those who have experienced situations such as this to understand their rights, and their options for seeking financial compensation.

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