Puppy bites 5-year-old Connecticut girl

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Children are often drawn to puppies and vice versa. While it can be wonderful to watch the interaction, it can also be frightening because there is still the very real threat of an animal bite. Unfortunately, many children in Connecticut and across the country have suffered the lasting negative effects of a dog attack. A recent incident serves as a reminder of that.

On a Sunday afternoon, a little girl sat watching a soccer game. She had chocolate on her mouth and started playing with a puppy. The 5-year-old girl, according to a police report, leaned in toward the puppy to get a kiss when the puppy jumped on her. The 11-month-old puppy scratched the girl and bit her near her mouth.

As a result of the incident, the little girl had to get six stitches. The Bernese mountain dog puppy had to go to a Norwalk kennel for a two-week quarantine. The puppy’s owner was on the scene and had concerns about what might happen to the animal. Connecticut law states that all dog bites are treated the same from a legal perspective. In other words, any sign of an attack, whether it is a bite or a scratch, will result in a mandatory two-week quarantine of the animal.

While this incident was not as severe as others, it does illustrate how quickly an attack can occur. Animal owners should be aware of situations that can lead to an attack and take the proper precautions to prevent one from happening. When a bite does take place, victims do have legal recourse to hold owners accountable for damages.

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