Other motorcycles may also cause motorcycle accidents

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With summer in full swing and people enjoying beautiful weather across the state, this is one of the best times of the year for motorcycle enthusiasts in Connecticut. One of the common loves that bikers share is the freedom of the open road. Consequently, people can expect to see many motorcyclists on roadways across the state. It is common knowledge that motorcyclists can face great dangers from the drivers of other vehicles. Drivers may be distracted, speeding, intoxicated or simply not paying attention to the traffic around them. As a result, each year many motorcyclists are killed or seriously injured in accidents involving larger vehicles.

However, the drivers of four-wheeled cars are not the only type of driver to pose a danger to motorcyclists. Some bikers themselves have been known to cause serious injury or worse to their fellow bikers. On July 5, a motorcycle crash involving three bikes ended in the death of one motorcyclist. According to authorities, two men were riding west on Route 44 in Eastford when another motorcycle traveling east collided with one of the men at a curve in the highway. Both men were ejected from their bikes. The third biker was also thrown off when he collided with the accident. The solo biker, a 26-year-old man, died in the hospital. Law enforcement was still investigating the circumstances surrounding the crash.

The victims of a motorcycle crash, or their surviving family members, have the right to pursue compensation if another driver was determined to be at fault. This is true whether the negligent driver was in a car or operating a motorcycle.

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