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Tips that may save your life in a dog attack

Hundreds of thousands of people are injured by dog bites every year. Most injuries are relatively minor and require little medical intervention. Unfortunately, the bites that cause serious injuries can result in long-lasting consequences, including scarring, disfigurement and pain. At Beebe and O'Neil, we have seen the devastating consequences a dog attack can have. We strongly believe in finding justice and closure for Connecticut families that have been impacted by a negligent pet owner.

Other motorcycles may also cause motorcycle accidents

With summer in full swing and people enjoying beautiful weather across the state, this is one of the best times of the year for motorcycle enthusiasts in Connecticut. One of the common loves that bikers share is the freedom of the open road. Consequently, people can expect to see many motorcyclists on roadways across the state. It is common knowledge that motorcyclists can face great dangers from the drivers of other vehicles. Drivers may be distracted, speeding, intoxicated or simply not paying attention to the traffic around them. As a result, each year many motorcyclists are killed or seriously injured in accidents involving larger vehicles.

Has a lack of testing made medical implants more dangerous?

Numerous breakthroughs in the medical community have saved lives and improved the quality of living for countless people across the country, including in Connecticut. However, some medications, procedures and products have tragically had the opposite effect. Many devices that were meant to help people have instead harmed them. Some of these include certain types of medical implants that caused worsened medical conditions or death because they allegedly had not gone through enough testing before being made available to patients.

Summer drunk driving especially deadly for teenagers

Independence Day, one of the most dangerous driving times of the year, has come and gone, but this does not mean that the risks of getting in a drunk driving accident have decreased. Drunk driving remains a problem in Connecticut and all other states. Anyone can suffer from serious injuries in a drunk driving crash, but experts say that teenagers may particularly be at risk during the summer months.

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