Elderly man hit by car in crosswalk in Vernon

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The weather has warmed up in Connecticut, and this means that more people will be taking alternative methods of transportation now than during the rest of the year. Instead of solely going places by car, many residents may choose instead to ride a bike, skate or walk. This is great exercise and is also good for the environment. However, those who bike or walk near traffic can unfortunately find themselves injured in a car accident without even being in a car.

Pedestrian accidents are particularly dangerous. Faced with a vehicle weighing in excess of two tons, those on foot hardly stand a chance. Many drivers today are distracted by their phones or other factors, further increasing the chances of a pedestrian accident. The summer sun can also play a part in a crash if its glare makes it difficult for drivers to see the road – and any people walking nearby.

The exact conditions surrounding a recent accident in Vernon were unclear, but the results were devastating all the same. According to police, an elderly man was crossing in the crosswalk on Route 30 at the intersection of Dobson Road. A woman struck the man as he was in the street, which caused serious injuries. He was said to be in guarded condition at the hospital. An accident reconstruction team was working at the scene, and the driver had not been charged with anything at this point.

This accident serves to illustrate the dangers pedestrians can face even while lawfully crossing the street at a crosswalk. A negligent driver may be held responsible for injuries and other damages.

Source: NBC Connecticut, “Car Strikes Pedestrian in Crosswalk in Vernon: Police,” June 3, 2015


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