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June 2015 Archives

New regulation to require electronic stability systems on trucks

There can hardly be anything more terrifying than being involved in a truck crash. Truck accidents seriously injure or kill thousands of people across the country every year, including in Connecticut. The attorneys at Beebe and O’Neil have seen far too many cases of clients whose lives have been forever changed because of a negligent truck driver. We are committed to helping the victims of truck accidents find justice and closure by holding the responsible party liable.

Elderly man hit by car in crosswalk in Vernon

The weather has warmed up in Connecticut, and this means that more people will be taking alternative methods of transportation now than during the rest of the year. Instead of solely going places by car, many residents may choose instead to ride a bike, skate or walk. This is great exercise and is also good for the environment. However, those who bike or walk near traffic can unfortunately find themselves injured in a car accident without even being in a car.

Hospital errors rise to record numbers in Connecticut

When any Connecticut resident needs to be treated at a hospital or medical center, he or she should be able to expect quality care without the risk of further complications from a doctor error. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Preventable medical mistakes have gravely injured or killed countless patients across the country.

A couple of the risk factors for drunk driving

Residents of New London as well as the rest of the country risk getting into a crash with an intoxicated driver every time they leave their homes. At Beebe and O’Neil, we have seen firsthand the devastation caused to victims of drunk driving accidents and their families. We strongly wish to help those injured in a drunk driving accident find justice and closure, as well as receive compensation for their suffering.

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