Tips for motorists dealing with wet weather

On Behalf of | Apr 15, 2015 | Car Accidents

Spring weather is known for an increase in precipitation in many parts of the country, and Connecticut motorists should remember that rain can be a major factor in car accidents. AAA notes that more than 1.2 million motor vehicle accidents can be traced to wet conditions annually around the country. A focus on good driving habits for such conditions may be helpful in limiting a driver’s risk of becoming part of this statistic.

Issues such as tire conditions and driving space are two important factors that can prevent or contribute to a motor vehicle accident in rainy weather. The treads on each of the vehicle’s tires should be continually monitored. Without proper tread, there is a risk of being unable to stop appropriately. The traditional rule for staying two seconds behind the nearest car ahead doubles to four seconds in wet weather to accommodate the need for more time and space to stop or maneuver out of a dangerous situation.

Panic can also compound the problems associated with wet road conditions, especially in the case of a skid or hydroplaning. It is important to avoid excessive braking in these situations. Although this is the natural response for many when there is a loss of control, slamming on the brakes could exacerbate the problem by affecting the vehicle’s balance.

Regardless of the weather, motorists have a duty of care to their passengers as well as to those who are sharing the road with them. A person who is injured in an accident caused by the failure of a motorist to take road conditions into account or to properly maintain their vehicle may wish to speak to an attorney to determine the best way of recovering damages for the losses that have been sustained.


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