Shoulder injury after trauma

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As several Connecticut residents may know, motor vehicle accidents might cause shoulder injuries that can range from fractures and dislocation to soft tissue injuries. Recovery from some shoulder injuries may take an extended amount of time followed by rehabilitation.

The bones that make up the shoulder are the scapula, humerus and the clavicle. There are three joints joining these bones that allow the shoulder to move and function. The bones and joints are covered by muscle, tendons, ligaments and soft tissue.

Injuries to the joints may result in loss of shoulder mobility. Fractures to any of the bones that make up the shoulder cause pain and loss of movement. Shoulder dislocations may be treated with reduction such that the bone that has moved out of the joint is returned. Usually, this is done in the emergency room with sedation and medications for pain. A fracture that is not displaced may be stabilized. The clavicle is commonly broken after a direct blow or an injury involving a car crash.

On occasion, treatment for shoulder injuries, including fractures, may require surgery to repair. If surgery is needed, it may include the insertion of rods, plates or screws to hold the bone in place while it heals. It is estimated that between 10 and 20 percent of shoulder fractures require surgery.

In the event a car accident results in a shoulder injury, including fracture or dislocation, the individual may face medical treatment and a period of rehabilitation. This might cause financial problems due to unavoidable medical bills and loss of wages.

The individual may wish to recover damages, and speaking with an attorney may be beneficial. The attorney may review accident data to determine fault. If appropriate, the attorney might file a personal injury suit.


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