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According to a recent factsheet released by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 14 trucks were involved in fatal accidents in Connecticut. The data suggest that 2012 saw a 4 percent increase in fatal accidents that involved large trucks when compared to data from 2011. Large trucks are those that exceed a gross vehicle weight rating of 10,000 pounds. The report claims that the total number of fatalities in 2012 was 3,912, and an additional 104,000 people were injured.

The data suggests that in 2012, approximately 73 percent of the people killed in large-truck accidents were occupants in other vehicles. This amounted to 2,843 deaths. In 2011, the number of deaths was 2,713. Injuries to the occupants of other vehicles also increased from 2011 to 2012. About 64,000 people were injured in 2011, and 76,000 were injured the following year.

Information from the factsheet also described different characteristics of the large truck accidents. For example, approximately 63 percent of the fatal crashes occurred in rural areas, and 78 percent of accidents happened on weekdays. While data suggests that 64 percent of all fatal crashes involving large trucks occur during daytime hours, there is a drastic shift when comparing weekend data to weekday statistics. About 72 percent of weekday crashes happened during daylight hours while only 35 percent of weekend collisions occurred during the day.

These statistics show that large truck accidents are a regular occurrence, and the families of those who have died in such collisions could face a number of financial difficulties in addition to the emotional loss of a loved one. However, by taking a claim to court, those who are affected by a large truck crash may be able to receive compensation for damages.

Source: National Center for Statistics and Analysis, “Traffic Safety Facts – Large Trucks“, January 02, 2015


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