Connecticut accidents and injuries spike this New Year’s Eve

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According to the Connecticut State Police, the number of arrests related to drinking and driving more than doubled during this year’s New Year’s celebration as compared to last year’s. Sobriety checkpoints and targeted enforcement were implemented by State Police Troopers beginning at midnight and continuing until New Year’s Day. Driving under the influence arrests totaled 38 this year, and 158 accidents were reported. Last year’s numbers were 18 DUI-related arrests with 84 reported accidents.

Police attempted to prevent the number of drivers operating under the influence in marked and unmarked units in an effort to increase highway safety. There were no reports of traffic-related deaths; however, 28 injuries, 726 citations for speeding, 22 citations related to seat belts and 1,593 citations for hazardous moving occurred during the holiday.

Last year’s numbers were drastically different. Police reported 18 injuries, 560 citations for speeding, 16 citations for seat belt violations and 1,040 citations for hazardous driving on New Year’s Day in 2014. Hazardous moving violations can refer to a number of issues, including using a cell phone while driving, making improper lane changes, not yielding to a traffic signal or following another vehicle too closely. It is good news that no fatalities were reported, but it is probable that a number of reported injuries were caused by an individual being hit by a drunk driver.

Whenever a person is injured in a drunk driving accident, the costs of medical bills and lost wages may take years to recuperate from, depending on how severe the injuries are. In a situation like this, an injured victim might hire a personal injury lawyer to assist in recovering compensation. If the attorney can prove negligence on behalf of the other drive, it may be possible that a settlement agreement can be reached to assist the injured person in recovering both physically and financially.

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