Avoiding some common car accident injuries

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While thousands of car crashes happen each year, many people do not know that some of the common injuries received as a result are preventable. Using proper safety techniques and being aware of frequent accident injuries can help those in Connecticut stay safe.

Passengers commonly experience head and face injuries like lacerations, fractures, bruises or damage to the jaw or teeth, which can all occur when the force of a collision pushes one into a door or window. Passengers who are properly restrained with the correct seat belt or other safety device are generally jostled less when a wreck happens.

Using one’s arms to shield the face and head can also help one avoid damage to these areas, and this may also be useful to avoid more serious trauma, as brain injuries can occur after serious accidents. Front and side impact airbags are also valuable when trying to avoid brain injuries. While the impact of an airbag can also cause injury, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety reported that the effects of a serious brain injury are worse than the damage an airbag may cause.

The risk of common back and neck injuries like whiplash, a slip disc injury, fractures or sprains can be reduced by wearing a seat belt. Seat belt systems with a neck restraint can protect against spinal disc injury and whiplash. Like with brain injuries, preventing back injuries is also important because the negative effects can last for years after a collision.

The time after a car accident is difficult for most victims, whether suffering from an injury that is common or not. When an injury was caused by the negligence of another driver, one may be able to seek compensation in civil court for medical expenses and property damage.

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