6 people injured in multi-vehicle crash

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A three-vehicle crash in Connecticut occurred at the intersection of Route 196 and Carriage Drive in the afternoon of May 31. The accident began when a pickup truck rear-ended a USPS truck. The impact forced the postal vehicle into traffic. A car then hit the USPS truck and then fell down an embankment. No fatalities were reported. However, six people were injured. The driver of the USPS truck had to be extricated form the vehicle and was airlifted out of the accident scene.

Reports did not detail the conditions of the people involved in the car accident. An accident reconstruction crew was working to investigate the accident after it happened. Police did not offer comment on whether the driver of the pickup truck was intoxicated or otherwise impaired. Reports have not indicated whether or not charges will be filed.

In cases like this one, it may take a substantial amount of time to figure out who was at fault. Police must gather eyewitness testimony, talk to drivers involved if possible and consult accident reconstruction teams. Once these measures have been taken, it’s possible to tell if criminal charges need to be filed.

Even in cases where criminal charges are filed, the may not impact the victims of the accident. For those who suffer injuries in car accidents, medical bills, lost wages and other costs can skyrocket. In the event that financial ramifications become unreasonable, it may be possible to talk to a lawyer about the pursuit of a settlement. A settlement is generally sought in the form of monetary compensation from the insurance provider of the person found responsible for the accident. If awarded, settlement money can help cover medical bills and other costs.

Source: NBC Connecticut, “6 Injured in East Hampton Crash Involving USPS Truck“, Ari Mason, May 31, 2014


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