Highway truck accident kills three people

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Crashes involving commercial-sized vehicles continue to happen across the country, including on Connecticut highways, despite efforts to prevent them. Sadly, truck accidents can cause serious injuries or even death, due to the size and weight of the vehicles, which is why there are specific laws in place for drivers of these vehicles.

Truck accidents can be the result of driver negligence, such as truck driver fatigue, an inattentive truck driver or speeding. In other instances, the owner of the truck could be liable because of defective auto parts, hiring an unqualified truck driver, negligent truck maintenance or by violating federal trucking regulations. Whether one or several of these factors contributed to a recent and catastrophic truck accident in another state remains to be confirmed.

The recent accident on an interstate highway involved a tractor-trailer crashing into vehicles that had come to a stop or slowed ahead of the truck. For some yet-to-determined reason, the trucker failed to note the backed up traffic and slammed on the brakes. The truck jackknifed before crashing into the other vehicles. The resulting impact set four vehicles on fire, killing three people and injuring others.

Authorities believe that the truck driver could be charged, although an investigation will determine what if any charges he will be facing. As part of protocol the driver of the commercial truck was given a blood test after he was taken to the hospital.

This tragic crash serves as a reminder of the damage a large 18-wheeler can cause if involved in an accident. In many cases, victims and their families are eligible to receive compensation for damages resulting from a crash, and the compensation can be substantial. An attorney may be able to assist with questions concerning your rights if you or a loved one has been involved in a truck accident and suffered serious injuries or death.

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