Connecticut paramedic killed in alleged drunk driving accident

On Behalf of | May 29, 2014 | Drunk Driving Accidents

Thousands of senseless injuries and deaths are caused each year by drunk drivers. Across the country, paramedics and police race to the scenes of these accidents to offer assistance to the victims and arrest the perpetrators. For those professionals who recently responded to one such accident in Connecticut recently, arriving on the scene to discover that one of their fellow paramedics had been a drunk driving accident victim must have been especially poignant.  

The victim was on the way to his job as a paramedic when his car was struck by an alleged drunk driver in a head-on collision, causing fatal injuries. The driver of the vehicle that hit him has been charged with drunk driving and manslaughter. At the time of the accident, her blood alcohol level was over twice the legal limit. She was also speeding when she hit the 32-year-old paramedic’s car.

While car accidents happen every day, many are preventable. Accidents that happen as a result of drunk driving are certainly preventable because they are caused by drivers who likely know they are intoxicated and pose a threat to themselves and other motorists. Getting behind the wheel after drinking is a terrible and tragic choice. Yet, people continue to do it.

While many drunk drivers who cause these accidents will face criminal charges and penalties, victims and their families generally have the option of pursuing civil claims against a driver as well. A claim for compensation against a negligent or reckless party can serve as additional punishment and result in financial awards to those who have been affected by a drunk driving accident. Talking to a personal injury attorney may be a good first step to take in obtaining such compensation. 

Source: The Middletown Press, “Connecticut woman charged in crash that killed paramedic,” May 23, 2014


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