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May 2014 Archives

Connecticut paramedic killed in alleged drunk driving accident

Thousands of senseless injuries and deaths are caused each year by drunk drivers. Across the country, paramedics and police race to the scenes of these accidents to offer assistance to the victims and arrest the perpetrators. For those professionals who recently responded to one such accident in Connecticut recently, arriving on the scene to discover that one of their fellow paramedics had been a drunk driving accident victim must have been especially poignant.  

Motorcyclist killed when struck by allegedly negligent car driver

A recent accident involving a car and a motorcycle, in which the motorcyclist was killed, is another reminder to Connecticut residents of the terrible consequences that can follow when any driver chooses to drive while either drunk or under the influence of drugs.

Highway truck accident kills three people

Crashes involving commercial-sized vehicles continue to happen across the country, including on Connecticut highways, despite efforts to prevent them. Sadly, truck accidents can cause serious injuries or even death, due to the size and weight of the vehicles, which is why there are specific laws in place for drivers of these vehicles.

Report: Despite dangers, truckers still texting and driving

Truck drivers are required to operate their vehicles with an extra level of precaution due to the size and structure of their vehicles. Unfortunately, those safety precautions are not always observed, especially when it comes to distracted driving and truck accidents.

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