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April 2014 Archives

Dangerous doctors: drug abuse puts patients at risk

There is a quiet but growing epidemic in the halls of America’s hospitals and clinics: doctors, nurses, and other medical staff abusing prescription drugs. With long days, highly stressful working environments, and relatively easy access to drugs, more health care practitioners are taking drugs on the job. Connecticut patients, among others, should be aware of the risk for medical malpractice when a physician abuses his or her privilege to get access to drugs.

Social media use by hospital staff increases risk of negligence

Doctors in Connecticut and around the country  take an oath to protect the safety, health, and privacy of their patients. However, recent studies have found that browsing the Internet, texting, and other similar behaviors increasingly distract doctors and other professionals while they are supposed to be performing surgical operations. These distractions can mean serious risks to a patient’s health and privacy. 

Driver pleads not guilty to charges from drunk driving accident

When someone is killed by a drunk driver, friends and loved ones naturally want justice to be served quickly. But with lengthy investigations, crowded court dockets, and the defendant’s due process protections, it can take longer to find closure than victims and their families may expect.

4 years after fatal crash, Connecticut drunk driver sentenced

A car accident can happen in the blink of an eye; and when a drunk driver is behind the wheel those moments can be catastrophic. A drunk driver is unpredictable and reckless, which means that the chances of them causing an accident are far too high. Their impaired decision-making skills combined with impaired vision and reflexes only makes them that much more dangerous on the road and they can cause irreparable damage.

Connecticut Supreme Court holds owners responsible for horse bite

When most of us hear about animal bite injuries, pictures of vicious dogs leap into our minds. We have all heard stories about serious injuries caused by dog bites, but it is almost unheard of for a horse bite story to top the headlines.  

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